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Understanding Unconscious Bias

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The Understanding Unconscious Bias module is designed to help individuals and organizations gain insight into how unconscious bias operates in the workplace and how to overcome it. Participants will learn about the science of bias and how it manifests in the workplace, including hiring decisions, performance evaluations, and promotion opportunities. The program will provide practical strategies for identifying and addressing unconscious biases, including techniques for interrupting biased behavior and fostering a more inclusive workplace culture. Participants will also explore the impact of unconscious bias on team dynamics, communication, and decision-making. Through a combination of interactive exercises, case studies, and facilitated discussions, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own biases and how to manage them. By the end of the program, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to create a more equitable and inclusive workplace for all employees. Learning objectives: Define unconscious bias and its impact on the workplace Recognize common biases and understand how they operate Identify strategies for interrupting biased behavior Explore the role of communication in addressing bias Understand the importance of inclusive team dynamics Develop action plans for creating a more equitable workplace culture Target audience: This program is suitable for individuals at all levels of an organization who are interested in building

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