Technology Consulting Solutions


Today, companies have to be more responsive to the marketplace and have a more open environment for innovation and transformation, and by having the right technical talent due to rapid changes in economic activity, markets, corporate boundaries, and industry structures, ElitePrep U enables our clients to thrive.

Information Security


ElitePrep's credible history is solid in providing contract and permanent IT Security, Information Security and Information Risk Management professionals such as IT Security Managers, Security Analysts, Security Project managers and Security and Risk Consultants to help our clients ensure that they stay ahead of the ever-changing risk landscape we now see ourselves in.


We are very aware of the increase in real incidents within your organization and therefore understand the need for more complex analysis - we have seen a similar trend across our client base.

Application Development


Our application development professionals are highly skilled in all the latest programming languages, relational database management systems, and application, integration and web servers.


ElitePrep maintains a network of the most highly skilled IT professionals to help support all of our clients’ IT Application Development needs. We provide top level talent for Application Development services including the design, development, and delivery of software applications..

IT Infrastructure


ElitePrep U assists IT organizations with the much-needed agility that helps them respond to changing business needs. By co-creating solutions with our clients, we help improve user satisfaction, reduce the cost and complexity of technology and operations, and enable enterprises to stay ahead of the technology curve. Our Infrastructure Staffing services are designed to augment an organization’s workforce during expected and unexpected staff shortages..



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